Folding Wagon for Kids

The Princess Fold-it & Go Childrens Folding Wagon

I’ve had the Princess fold-it & go childrens folding wagon for over a month now. I initially purchased this for my two daughters and they loved it since it looks pretty. More than that, it also serves a lot of purpose around here so I love it too.

Apart from its sweet good looks, this girly collapsible wagon is unexpectedly sturdy enough to carry a medium-built adult such as myself. For the record, I weigh about a hundred and twenty pounds. I realized this after my daughters pulled a prank on me and decided to just lug me around in the wagon in our backyard. However, while it has the capacity to carry that much weight, I don’t really suggest you do the same thing if you are going to buy this wagon. It’s sturdy but you also need to handle it properly so it lasts long.

For convenience, the wagon is easily foldable so proper storage won’t be an issue with this product. It’s also lightweight which is an advantage for obvious reasons. It’s also convenient for travel. I can easily store it at the back of the trunk every time we take it with us on beach trips and picnics.

The wagon is built using a set of polyfoam tires so it doesn’t make a lot of noise when you lug it around. I find this an advantage since my daughters love to play with it all the time. It doesn’t disturb me that much whenever I decide to take long naps in the afternoon.

In addition, the wagon also has a canopy and a padded base insert. I once loaded it with breakable glassware once and it turned out to be fine after the long trip.

I find this thing a convenient tool for moms like me. It allows me to carry around things that I don’t usually bring during road and beach trips. As a bonus, the design is pretty and my girls love it.

This wagon is current on sale at

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Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder

The Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler has been a big help to me this Spring. As a mother of two toddlers, this sturdy collapsible wagon has helped make weekends much bearable for me. During weekends, I usually take my children out on picnics. Since it’s spring time, we go out on picnic more often.

With this collapsible wagon, I can easily take them out on picnics in a jiffy. Without having to think too much, I can easily load it up with towels, small folding chairs and tables, and other picnic essentials. Once full, it goes straight into the back of the trunk where it easily fits so well. By the way, I drive an average sedan with huge trunk capacity so it’s not a problem.

Another great thing about this all-terrrain folding cart is that it can hold even a 48-quart cooler. Since it’s usually only the three of us who go out on picnics, I don’t really need to bring that much beverages and refreshments. However, I still find that feature useful for some reasons. Who knows? I love picnics and the outdoors. I might organize a huge group picnic with other mom’s in the village one of these days.

Adding to its convenience, this easy to push chassis also comes with a set of detachable wheels. I found it quite convenient and useful since it can roll smoothly on various types of terrains. It really easy to maneuver, even my kids can easily move it around. Although, for the safety of your own kids, I suggest you don’t just allow them to do so.

I also love how it comes with a removable tote bag, a large mesh pouch and a side umbrella holder. I’m one of those moms who carry way too much stuff on trips so I definitely find these things useful. Finally, it’s also easy to put away. It’s easily foldable. So, all in all, I’m quite happy to own this thing and so are my kids since I started allowing them to bring more toys during picnics ever since we had this wagon.

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Mini Folding Beach Cart

Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart

For relaxation purposes, my husband and I try to spend as much time as we can in the beach. We love the soothing breeze and the natural atmosphere of the beach. Instead of going on a picnic in the park, we have our picnic in the beach. We often bring along our lounging chairs, the food basket and a small cooler to hold our drinks. We used to just carry everything by hand, until we bought a beach collapsible wagon.

The wagon that we bought was the Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart. I was quite skeptical when my husband bought it because I was not sure it was a good investment. After only one use, all the skepticism faded away! The folding beach cart did all the work that we hoped it would – and with flying colors! We did not need to carry our stuff from the car all the way to the beach front!

Much of the excellent performance of this collapsible wagon is due to that fact that it is supported by a sturdy and reliable tubular steel frame. I also found out that its wheels are equipped with pneumatic tires that may be soft, but are actually tough in every sense of the word. These tires make it easy to transport and deliver loads evenly.

With the Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart, my husband and I now have more time to enjoy and bask in all the glory of the beach. Also, we have started bringing a small, portable radio. We decided to add a little music to our beach day because we now have a cart that can carry all the stuff that we want.

What makes the Wheeleez stand out is the fact that it can also be used by children because it has balloon wheels with dimensions that are suitable for kids.

I plan to buy another Wheeleez so that the next time my husband and I head on over to the beach, we will have one cart each to transport of stuff from the car to the beach.

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Utility Collapsible Wagon

Collapsible Wagon Great for Gardening, Camping and Sporting Events

My family and I love to go on camping trips during the weekends. Sometimes, we would just go to a campsite that’s near our area of residence, and other times, we go out of town and explore other campsites. It is a fun experience that has gotten us even closer to each other. The only thing I do not like about camping is all the loading and hauling of stuff. It takes up a lot of time and can be tedious. It can get pretty irritating when you need to go back and forth to load and haul stuff from the car to the campsite, especially when you have to go through rough spots.

Then my mother told me about a particular Collapsible Wagon Great for Gardening, Camping and Sporting Events that she saw in one of the stores she regularly shopped in. Made of denier polyester fabric, my mother said that this collapsible wagon seemed convenient and easy to use. I immediately bought one and took it home, eager to find out how it can make our weekend camping trips more fun.

When the weekend came along, I excitedly set out to prepare for our camping trip. My brother and I took out all the stuff that we needed to bring. We also loaded the Collapsible Wagon Great for Gardening, Camping and Sporting Events into the car. We did not have a difficult time doing so because it can be easily folded. It does not take up a lot of space in the car.

We got to the campsite shortly before noontime, so we immediately started to set up camp. My brother and I took out the collapsible wagon and put all our camping stuff into it. Then we moved through the trails on the way to our campsite. It was surprisingly very easy! We did not have problems going over the rough patches; all the stuff we loaded stayed secure in the wagon.  Handling it was easy as all we needed to do was use the swivel handle for steering. It was like we were little kids playing. We found it really fun!

One of the things that I love about our collapsible wagon is its sturdy structure. It is made of solid frame, so it provides excellent support. This is important because there will be times when the stuff you haul will be quite heavy; if your wagon is not made of high grade materials, it will not be able to serve its purpose and you might have to stop halfway and carry the stuff yourself. You would not want this to happen, would you?

I found the Collapsible Wagon Great for Gardening, Camping and Sporting Events really helpful, so much so that the following week, I bought another one. Now, our camping trips have become not only fun but also relaxing!

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Folding Utility Wagon | Review

Folding Utility Wagon Review

When you are hauling stuff around the house, it can be a challenge when you are moving the heavier loads from one point to the other or from one floor to the next. Yard work is also a tedious chore that I like to avoid every now and then, yet somehow I am forced to attend to the multitude of leaves that are scattered across the yard. When you are transporting stuff outside your home, all you need is a wagon, but what are you going to use if you need to haul stuff around the house? Unless your doorway is big enough, a traditional wagon may not fit inside your home.

Six months ago, I came across the Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon in Red in our local home improvement store. This collapsible wagon was something that I did not expect because it looked so flimsy and weak at first glance. I decided to give it a shot because I needed something to transport the books from one room to another. I was surprised at how well the Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon in Red handled heavy loads, despite its flimsy-looking structure.

The collapsible wagon stands at 37 x 21 x 23 inches, and has a weight capacity of 150lbs. The body is made from 600 Denier Polyester Cloth with a strong steel frame, and yet it is still able to fold conveniently and effortlessly. In terms of doing yard work, the Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon in Red can easily transport firewood, leaves, and even tools without having to worry about the possible wear and tear. My brother uses the wagon frequently for transporting the firewood from the wood shed to inside the house with no problem at all. On my end, I can transport heavy loads of groceries from the car and into the house.

Because it is a collapsible wagon, it is the ultimate space saver both inside and outside the home. If you have no use for it anymore, you can simply fold it and store it in the closet or in the garage. How can your traditional wagon beat that kind of convenience? The Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon in Red is probably one of the best investments I have made when it comes to home improvement. If you are tired of carrying around the heavy stuff inside and outside your house, the Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon in Red is your solution.

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Utility Cart | Review

Vertex Folding Yard and Utility Cart

I always find yard work to be very difficult, especially if it is nearing winter. On top of that, it can also be irritating to move stuff around in the yard like leaves, tools, etc. It used to be an easy task for me when I had my wagon, but apparently the wheel broke and I never got around fixing the damned thing. A couple of months ago, I made a startling discovery in one of our home improvement stores. It was something that I was waiting for; a collapsible wagon called Vertex Folding Yard and Utility Cart GB770.

You may be thinking how can a collapsible wagon like the Vertex Folding Yard and Utility Cart GB770 be of help when it comes to yard work or hauling around heavy stuff, when it is probably made from something weaker than steel or metal. First, the Vertex Folding Yard and Utility Cart GB770 has a weight capacity of 150lbs. and measures 19 ½ inches deep. The collapsible wagon is made from heavy duty nylon wrapped in steel frame, so you can be sure that it can withstand the load of materials that you put in it. It is even ideal for carrying in firewood.

The Vertex Folding Yard and Utility Cart GB770 measures at 36” high and 25” wide, with a length of 27”, and it weighs at 27lbs. What makes this collapsible wagon great is that this is the perfect space-saver, unlike your traditional metal wagons which takes up some space in the garage or tool shed. When I first saw this at the store a couple of months ago, I was hesitant because it was the most peculiar wagon I have ever seen, and I was doubtful of its durability because it looked flimsy.

Fast forward to today, it is one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Yard work has never been easier, and everything became more convenient. I even managed to carry a lot of firewood in it without having to worry about the wagon tearing from the wood. At one time, I even used it to carry stuff across the snow-laden yard and it was a breeze. The pneumatic wheels, which measures at 11 ½ inches, have sure-grip tracks, so you do not need to worry about the wagon slipping away on smooth surfaces. The Vertex Folding Yard and Utility Cart GB770 is the best collapsible wagon in the market today, and if you do not have it around your home, you are missing out on a lot.

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Folding Wagon | Review

Green Folding Wago, 200 lb Capacity

As a sixty–year old retiree, I have a lot of time in my hands to do things I never did when I was younger. When I first bought my house, I was already envisioning myself to be doing some gardening in my backyard. Having grown up in a farm, I have always relished the idea of growing my own vegetables. I always wished I had tomatoes aplenty in my backyard, but somehow, none of that ever happened. Perhaps the fact that my job always kept me at the office for long periods of time had something to do with it. Now that I am retired, I finally have the time to do what I have always wanted to do, and that is to create my own vegetable garden with my bare hands.

Well, not really my bare hands, but with certain pieces of equipment. The idea was going well when I realized I was missing something. I realized that I am too old to be hauling off heavy gardening tools and bags of fertilizer. There is no way I can carry all those things to and from the garden without slipping a disc or something. I needed something to help me with the hauling work that needs to be done. Thankfully, my ever perceptive daughter bought me something very useful for Christmas: A Green Folding Wagon that has a 200 lb Capacity.

Of all the Christmas gifts I have ever received in my life, this wagon absolutely takes the cake. Obviously, the wagon can be used for hauling all kinds of stuff from my shed to my garden. For something that may appear to be rather flimsy, it is a tough one in reality. It is capable of hauling loads of up to two hundred pounds. This wagon also boasts of a durable steel construction, and swivel front wheels that make it so much easier to push or pull along. The handle itself is quite sturdy. I also find the removable fabric insert very useful, as it has side pockets that you can put smaller tools or utensils in without any problem.

What impresses me most about this product, however, is the fact that it is basically a collapsible wagon. Since it folds so easily, it saves a lot of space in my shed. Aside from easy storage, the wagon can also be brought anywhere you go, because it can easily fit into my car when folded.

I have been using this wagon for three months now. If what people say about its durability is true, then I’ll be using it for a long, long time.

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Fold-It Utility Cart

Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

I maintain a garden in my backyard. Not the floral type, mind you, but the more edible kind. While my wife tends to her rose garden in our front yard, I grow vegetables in our backyard. It’s safe to say that with my small vegetable garden, we never had to buy tomatoes, eggplants and okra in the supermarket ever again.

However, for all the convenience of having your own vegetable garden in your backyard, it takes a lot of hard work to get one going. For one thing, you have to a lot of digging. Cultivating the soil is extremely important for any vegetable to grow and become useful. Gardening also makes use of several tools, some of which are too heavy or bulky to carry all at the same time. For someone who is more than half a century old, carrying heavy tools around no longer comes that easily for me. That is why when I saw an online ad for a Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart, I wasted no time in cranking up my credit card and buying it online.

From what I can gather, the Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart was initially designed haul gear in a marine environment, but the fact that it was recommended for gardening purposes underscores its usefulness as a multi-purpose cart. With a capacity of 350 pounds, you can carry tools, supplies or materials from your shed to your garden and back with relative ease. It is also very durable. The cart I have has been with me for some time now, and yet it never once failed me, considering the abuse that I put it through. Aside for use in my garden, my Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart has also seen action outside the house. It can be easily pulled by my bike, and I always bring it with me when I’m buying supplies from the local agricultural shop.

The best part about this cart, however, is the fact that it is collapsible. Yes, I fold up the wagon when I’m not using it. My shed is not that big, but it fits snugly in there as it only occupies less than two square feet of space when folded. When I go out of town where there is more hauling to be done, my cart accompanies on my trip, because it easily fits in my truck.

The Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart is hands-down the most versatile tool that I have acquired in recent years, and that is saying a lot.

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Learning About the Importance of Wagons

The original wagon is described as a four-wheel drive that is pulled by animals. Their main function was to carry and transport people and some consumer goods and agricultural goods. Today, the wagon has evolved into different kinds. Although its function has remained basically the same, most of today’s wagons are used for transporting different items, like tools used for gardening, and for hauling your camping stuff from your car to the campsite, among others.

The wagon that we use for hauling our stuff is called the collapsible wagon. It comes in different models, designs, sizes, colors and loading capacities. Some collapsible wagons can carry as much as 1000 pounds of weight, while others are reserved for smaller stuff.

One of the greatest features of the collapsible wagon is its ability to neatly fold into smaller pieces. This makes it easy to carry. You can bring and use it anywhere. If you need to travel, you can bring it with you and later on use it to load and unload your traveling stuff. Additionally, since it folds up easily, storing it when not in use will never be a problem.

A fun way of using the collapsible wagon is in the grocery store or supermarket. Instead of using the usual grocery cart or basket, you can use your own wagon. This will make it easy for you to later on transport and haul your grocery stuff into the car.

Yet another use of the collapsible wagon is during outdoor trips or picnics. Instead of loading your picnic stuff into different baskets, you can put them all together in one wagon. There are some collapsible wagons that come with multiple layers, so it will be easy for you to load all your picnic stuff into one.

If you want to take your children to the beach but dread the thought of carrying loads of beach stuff like sunscreen, sand toys, towels, floaters, snack food and other similar items, the collapsible wagon is the answer to your problems. All that you need to do is fold your wagon and put it inside your family car and then unfold it once you reach the beach. Unload all the beach stuff and place them inside your wagon. With this, you won’t have a difficult time looking for a nice spot for your children to play on while you sunbathe.

No matter how you use collapsible wagons, the fact is that you get an extra hand and a lot of help. Yes, the traditional wagon has certainly come a long way!

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